Berger Launch Silk Glamor

Silk Glamor is a luxury interior emulsion designed to give your walls a durable, glamorous and rich appearance.

Silk Glamor Luxury Emulsion is formulated using the Crystal Reflective Technology to give an ultra-smooth finish to the walls and retain its freshness for a long time. The product is free of added APEO, formaldehyde and is low in VOC. Silk Glamor is available in metallic and non-metallic shades.

Benefits & USPs

  • Rich Sheen and Ultra Smooth Finish: Superior grade and high emulsion content with Crystal Reflective technology gives a very high film strength with superior adhesion and provides Rich Sheen and Ultra Smooth glamorous Finish to the walls.
  • Superior Cleanability: Silk Glamor provides a super cleanability and stain resistance due to highly washable property of its emulsion.
  • Metallic Shimmer effect: Apart from regular shades , Silk Glamor also has a unique metallic shades which provide a metallic shimmer effect to your walls, these shades can be specially used for your aesthetic walls and come into gold and silver bases.
  • Elastomeric Film: Silk Glamor has an elastomeric film which has a crack bridging ability which helps in bridging hairline cracks of your walls.

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